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Jason Brogan sent me this notice of a folds ensemble concert this weekend called Several Silences. I heard the folds ensemble in New York in early 2009 and they were quite wonderful.

Following composer John Cage, the folds experimental music and performance workshop, directed by composer and guitarist Jason Brogan, present as series of six “silences”, complex sonic landscapes where quietude, possibility and a heightened awareness of the presence of sound take precedence over “activity”. The program will include pieces by six of the most quietly radical contemporary composers.

27 July 2009

701 Center for Contemporary Art
Columbia, South Carolina USA

Antoine Beuger, cantor quartets
Jason Brogan, metronomic irregularity
Michael Pisaro, harmony series nos. 11a-d
Sam Sfirri, I gave thanks for evening that brings out the lights
Mark So, this singular tale of the past
Manfred Werder, 2008 (1)

performed by the folds experimental music and performance workshop:
Jason Brogan, Nathan Koci, Sam Sfirri, Mark So, Ron Wiltrout


The JACK quartet (who I have raved about before) has come out with a CD and DVD of the four Xenakis quartets on Mode Records. Ari Streisfeld, the second violinist, has this to say about it:

It is a recording of the Complete String Quartets of Iannis Xenakis. It is the ONLY recording on the market of all four quartets, plus the eminent Xenakis Scholar James Harley wrote the liner notes. His descriptions of these monumental works make these quartets accessible to anybody interested in understanding Xenakis’ music. Mode is also releasing a DVD separately that will allow you to watch us play these incredible pieces up close and personal!!! Both the CD and DVD can be bought from any major CD/DVD website such as Amazon and CDuniverse etc… however I would suggest buying it directly from Mode Records themselves (as I think it might be a little cheaper there anyways!).

You can also download the tracks from iTunes but then you don’t get the benefit of the those beautifully written liner notes!!!

I’m catching up with the radio shows that I have been recording and finding some wonderful new musicians in the process. I’ll be updating my links page as I go. My latest find is Jacob Kirkegaard‘s work, which was featured on Studio Akustische Kunst. Rather than including yet another quote here, I’ll point you to his About page. The work itself is stunningly beautiful.

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