Streams and Shows

I’m just waking up to the possibilities of scheduling live streams to record on my home computer. I’ve found a good application, Wiretap, that I am testing out on my mac to make sure it serves my purposes. So far it’s been great.* It allows me to schedule the recording of any live streaming web radio, whether it is a single event or a weekly show. Now that I know that I don’t have to be planted at my computer for a particular span of time to hear these broadcasts, I want to know what the most promising shows are. Here is my (very partial) list so far.

Of course there are always streams. My favorite that I know of so far is wandelweiser web radio. You can check out what is playing at any time in their status window.

Let me know, please, of any other shows or streams I should know about. This is only a beginning. I’ll update or fix my little table, and make a permanent spot for it on the links page once I have filled it out more.

*Update: Wiretap is working very well for me, and has been recording all of my scheduled shows reliably.

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