you just missed it

I’m testing out one possible title for what could become a regular type of post, with event reviews, documentation, and radio broadcasts that are still available to stream. In no particular order:

1) Richard Pinnell’s ear watches Variable Formations, with Angharad Davies, John Tilbury, Johnny Chang, Jamie Drouin, Lee Patterson, and Phil Durrant.

2) Hong Chulki and Choi Joonyong at Lampo

3) The Rambler reviews ELISION in Huddersfield, playing pieces by Richard Barrett and four postgraduate composers.

4) Send this one through Google Translate, unless you know Finnish: Chaya Czernowin’s Maim reviewed by Jarkko Hartikainen. You still have a chance to watch the performance here.

5) The first broadcast of the Donaueschinger Musiktage 2012 Orchestra concert is still available for listening, probably until Monday.

6) Liza Lim’s Flying Banner starts at the 2:02:00 mark, with a short interview with the composer beforehand. Also recently available is the full video of The Navigator.

7) Ensemble Dal Niente’s The Party, available for streaming and download from WFMT. Kagel, Chin, McCormack, Mincek, Lang, Balter, Sciarrino, Gander, Donatoni, Scelsi, Ustvolskaya, Feldman. One of those last names could easily be one of three people. You’ll find out which at the link.

8) Live recording of the Transient Series II.1 concert, Jürg Frey: Unhörbare Zeit at Willow Place Auditorium, Brooklyn, at the Free Music Archive (with downloadable tracks).

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