Why call an experimental music site sound expanse?

Because I don’t want to limit its potential.

The expanse is macrocosmic. We will be delving into the worldwide experimental music scene, and discovering just how vibrant it is. (Yes, that’s an invitation to post links and news. More on that later.)

The expanse is also microcosmic. It is an invitation to you (musician or no) to engage with the sounds and silences that already show up in your life, to have a more full appreciation of sounds, their nature, and their potential.

A smaller world. A larger experience.

I’ll write about my own experiences as a composer, listener, researcher, and planner of experimental music happenings. You’ll see soon enough that I get excited about the connections between experimental music and other disciplines. But this site is no more about me than it is about you. There is a whole community of us, and we should be talking to each other. Here and now.

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