Vocal Meditations Workshop

Craig Shepard is running a vocal immersion workshop this coming Saturday, October 8th, at the Church of the Annunciation in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He writes that it is:

an intensive workshop including vocal meditations, listening exercises, and group composition. Beginning at 9:00 am, the workshop will culminate in a performance on Music for Contemplation at 8:05 pm. Members can bring a bag lunch and there will be a break for dinner. $30 suggested donation for participation in workshop. $15 suggested donation for attendance at performance.

The workshop is open to anyone willing to make a commitment for the day; no prior musical training is necessary. To apply, please send an email to craig [at] craigshepard [dot] net and tell us who you are and why you want to participate.

I asked him a few questions about the event.

What inspired you to initiate this project? Or what’s the impetus for it?

Last year, we presented works by Pauline Oliveros. I had taken her Deep Listening Course in 1997, and remembered her saying that the voice is one thing we all have in common. One of the communities MufoCo serves are the long-standing residents in North Brooklyn; it seemed a good way to invite people in.

I can imagine that the intensive nature of this workshop – and being involved for the whole day – presents a set of possible engagements that is very different from the usual rehearsal/concert situation. What are some of the opportunities that you look forward to along these lines?

For me, the best opportunity is to spend the day offline! Also, when we open up the music to those outside the connoisseur, it reveals parts of the music which we insiders take for granted. A lot of people get nervous at the thought of spending a day without their cell-phone; I can understand, many of us need to be in touch with loved ones and freelancers need to respond to calls for gigs as soon as possible. Those who can leave their phones at home may find that they are more present in their day–like they have more life in their day. I went back to a dumb phone a couple of weeks ago and I have so much more time!



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