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I found out about Upload .. Download .. Perform when it was in its early stages. I’ve had occasion recently to look back through it, and there’s reason to dig in a lot further. The “about” page is essentially a text score. The whole site is very well conceived and maintained. (You might consider making a small donation if you find cause to be grateful for it. The site will always be free to use.)

How to use this site Piece
… in any order, all, some, or [n]one of the following:

. upload [something]
. download [something]
. perform [something]

repeat if desired

Here are some (not all) of the pages that I’ll be looking through in more depth. I’ve chosen some profiles with upwards of five scores.

G Douglas Barrett
Madison Brookshire
Stephen Chase
jez riley french
Francesco Gagliardi
Martin Iddon
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
James Klopfleisch
Catherine Lamb
Dominic Lash
: open to all levels :
adam overton
Ian Power
Mark So
stefan thut
Manfred Werder


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