Time With People

Tim Parkinson‘s opera, Time With People is going to be performed by the Edges Ensemble on May 28th at Summer City Sounds in London. You can read what Lawrence Dunn had to say about the premiere last year in Huddersfield. He concluded, “And certainly Time With People should be done in London some time soon, at least so we can all come and stare again at the abyss of nihil that Tim has so dextrously created.” Some wishes do come true!

If you’re not in the right part of the world to go to this performance, you owe it to yourself to watch a taster, a section, or the entirety of the HCMF performance. I can promise you there is dancing that you’ll never forget, and so much more.

There’s a discussion of the project with Tim Parkinson on the second half of yesterday’s episode of The Opera Hour.

And here’s a picture of the aftermath of that first performance:

photo by Tim Parkinson

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