Tectonics Festival Glasgow 2015 on the radio

I’m not sure when it happened, but I’m very happy that there has been a shift so that each episode of Hear and Now on BBC Radio 3 is available for a full month after broadcast. We are in a sweet spot now (until June 14th, I believe) of being able to listen to the entire coverage of the Tectonics Festival Glasgow that took place from May 1st to 3rd of this year. I had a wonderful time there, and there are a few major highlights I’d like to point out, for those of you that don’t have time to listen to all eight hours of coverage. I’m planning to write more about each of these pieces in some form. (Lawrence Dunn did a thoughtful review of the whole festival here.) For now I’ll just get these links posted so that those of you with an interest have a good chance to listen.

Episode 1:

Joanna Bailie: To Be Beside the Seaside (8:30-32:37)
Eliane Radigue: OCCAM RIVER XII, OCCAM DELTA IV (37:16-1:06:40)
A video clip of this performance is also available, and I’ll embed a short related interview with Radigue at the end of the post.

Episode 2:

Cassandra Miller: Duet for Cello and Orchestra (23:16-1:02:11)

Episode 3:

Peter Ablinger: Quartz (38:50-55:00)
Eliane Radigue: OCCAM XI (55:00-1:10:20)

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