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I’ve thought about doing this series for a long time.

As I’m researching particular subjects, I like to know what is available and where, and put all that information in order. The material often comes from a lot of different sources, including personal or publisher sites, Amazon, other distributors, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Free Music Archive, UDP…the list will get longer as I do more of these searches. I’ve realized that if I pull these guides together for the blog, they’ll be much more clearly presented than if I just did them for myself, and they might also be useful to other people.

Some material will become available or unavailable over time, so I’ll add or subtract links as that happens. I don’t expect to be able to keep track of these changes on my own, so I’m very grateful for updates from readers.

When I have included reproductions of existing recordings, the intent is to encourage, rather than discourage, a purchase. Let me know if you think that any of these extra links should be taken down. My feelings are unmixed about including recordings that have been made freely available by the composer/performer/label, or that are no longer for sale. I will always include purchase links when they exist, though if you’re in a different part of the world than the US you might choose different outlets.

I do include affiliate links. Any percentage I receive (generally 4% on Amazon purchases) will filter directly back into costs related to this site. Amazon is the only affiliate included in the resource guides that I can foresee, but I will do my best to mark others, or to disclose them in this post and link back to it.

There will be a lot of information in these guides. To avoid too much clutter, I have left out dates and explanatory text, as well as performer credits. You can find all that information at the links. If you have ideas of how these posts could be improved, please let me know. I’m also glad to consider requests for new subjects.


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    • Thanks very much, Joan, it’s great to hear from you. And yes, it looks like our projects are quite complementary. I only wish my Spanish was better so I could participate more easily, but anyway I’ll keep visiting.

      thanks, and let’s keep in touch,

      • You’re welcome, Jennie.
        You are invited to participate in English with your suggestions, even if you don’t understand the previous messages in Spanish (which, in fact, are not so complex ;).

        Best regards from Barcelona!

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