recent books and journals

1) Alvin Lucier’s new book, Music 109: Notes on Experimental Music

2) CeReNeM Journal, Issue 3: Temporality in Contemporary Musics. (Take a look at issues 1 and 2 while you’re at it, as well.)

3) The issue of Contemporary Music Review titled The Silent Network—The Music of Wandelweiser is free. You can browse through the TOCs of other issues here.

4) The 2012 edition of the Experimental Music Yearbook is being rolled out, and includes scores, the text of a lecture/performance, downloadable and streaming audio, as well as some video content. I’m really enjoying the Tim Feeney/Vic Rawlings performance.

5) Volume 8 of New Music and Aesthetics in the 21st Century, Musical Material Today. The table of contents and foreword are already thought-provoking.

6) Volume 22 of the Leonardo Music Journal is on the subject of Acoustics. The introduction and an article by Ellen Fullman on her Long String Instrument installations are freely available. There is a lot of interesting material, including an extended online supplement that serves as a record of a major Alvin Lucier conference. You’ll find abstracts of the articles through this link.

7) A recent issue of musicworks includes articles about Jean-François Laporte and Cassandra Miller. You can the Laporte article in the preview below.

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