radio programs in September

Now that most radio shows are back in full swing, there are a number of interesting programs scheduled for the month. Let me know of other broadcasts you are aware of, either by email or through this form. I’d be glad to add them both to this post and to the radio listing on the sidebar. More information about regular shows can be found on the radio page.

10th squib-box: composer/performer focus live in the studio with Tim Parkinson, Claudia Molitor, and Johannes Kreidler
10th Festival of Britain
(starts here at 0:31:00)
Philip Cashian: Bone Machine
Laurence Crane: Movement for Ten Musicians
Martin Suckling: Candlebird
Christopher Fox: KK
Bryn Harrison: Six Symmetries
Colin Matthews: Night Rides
11th 10pm PST
iTunes stream
(available here until September 25)
Matthew Goodheart, Edward Schocker, Danishta Rivero, and Tim Phillips talking about the upcoming 14th Annual Music for People and Thingamjigs festival.
14th ars nova 2011 in Ravensburg (1) Beat Furrer: “Fragmentos de un libro futuro”
Georg Friedrich Haas: “Quartett”
Peter Jakober: “triften”
15th David Tudor/Darmstadt 1961
(skip to September 15th 00:05 for the playlist)
John Cage: “26’5’988” for Pianist and a String Player (1954-55)
David Behrman: Canons for Piano and Percussion (1959-60)
George Brecht: “Incidental Music” (1961)
La Monte Young: “(to Henry Flynt)” (1960)
21st Simon Steen-Andersen: “On & Off”
28th ars nova 2011 in Ravensburg (2) Johannes Fischer: “Einige Versuche, Dinge in Gang zu setzen”
Joseph Finlay: “A Little Book of Dreams”
Friedemann Amadeus Treiber: “Relief”
Mike Svoboda: Music for trombone, percussion and piano
George Aperghis: “Le corps à corps”
Daniel Schnyder: “Worlds beyond”

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