past, present, future

Sorry for all the extended, unexplained silences! I’ve been writing a book: Experimental Music Since 1970. It should be out on August 11th. In the meantime, I plan to make much better use of this space. There are resource guides to post, interviews to conduct, recordings to respond to, books to review, events to announce, and more.


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  1. The book looks amazing! I put in a order for it at the Huddersfield library (where I study/work). Especially excited that, to paraphrase the write up, it doesn’t treat experimentalism as a historical event. I really appreciate the Nyman book, but unfortunately the perspective that experimentalism is/was a historical event is all too common. This also seems to lend itself to composers and musicians who want to further more conservative approaches by compartmentalizing experimental practice while simultaneously marginalizing a lot of musicians not centered on the w.classical tradition or working within academic musical contexts. Excited to read it!

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