notation software (3) — poll results

First of all, thank you for responding! There have been over 50 responses so far. I’m no statistician, but I think there are some interesting results here. The infographic below includes the responses as of this evening. If you’d like to see the full, updated results directly, take a look through this sortable table.

Here are some of my early observations.

1) Sibelius is more popular than I thought, and if it’s not supported in the future that will shake things up significantly. Finale is less popular than I thought. Both have a fairly mixed satisfaction level.

2) The Adobe Creative Suite is in wider use than I knew, and users seem to be happy with it. I’m sure it helps that its development is sustained by a much wider market than our niche.

3) Almost 1/3rd of respondents have landed on an option that doesn’t require a major purchase. (I wish I were one of them.)

4) Most people have tried a couple of options but settled on one.

5) I need to do a more refined poll. (If I’m honest, I put this poll in at the last moment, when I saw how I was rambling on and needed to break up the text somehow.) I’ll probably put that poll up in a couple of weeks, so let me know if you have any burning questions for the community.

Since my original post, I’ve learned about several other pieces of software, both through comments to me and in the article and comments on this very helpful NewMusicBox post. More on that later.

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