June 2013 radio broadcasts

See the radio page for more details. Updates, suggestions, and questions are all welcome.

June 1
22:00 GMT
Glasgow Tectonics Festival 2013 (episode 3 of 3)
Martin Suckling, David Fennessy, Alvin Lucier
(available to stream until June 8th)

June 11
0:05 GMT+1
Neue Musik
Nicolas Huber

June 12
23:03 GMT+1
Simon Steen-Andersen: “Inszenierte Nacht”

June 15
23:05+1 GMT+1
Atelier neuer Musik
Rudolf Komorous

June 18
22:30 GMT+1
Zufall und Mystik

June 19
23:03 GMT+1
Ben Johnston Portrait Concert

June 20
0:05 GMT+1
Neue Musik
Robin Hoffmann

June 24
20:00 GMT
Les lundis de la contemporaine
EXAUDI: Posadas/Lindberg/Rihm

June 27
21:00 GMT
Georg Friedrich Haas portrait

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