CeReNeM Journal, which comes out of University of Huddersfield’s Centre for Research in New Music, has put out a call for papers “on the subject of temporalities in music, with a particular emphasis towards experimental and minimal musics.” More details are, of course, at the link, and the submission deadline is February 17th, 2012. Issues One and Two of the Journal are well worth your attention as well.

INCITE Journal of Experimental Media is “dedicated to the discourse, culture, and community of experimental film, video, and new media.” They have a short time left in their kickstarter campaign to fund the printing costs of their third issue, “addressing the generational shifts and divides in today’s experimental film, video, and new media spheres.” I can’t imagine failing to find material of relevance to the field of experimental music in this issue. The previous issue, Counter-Archive looks fascinating as well, for example as it applies to the distribution/consumption of scores and performances in this age of pdfs and mp3s.

Another Call for Papers: Noise Please has come from the trans-disciplinary Interference Journal. The bullet points of suggested approaches are clearly the result of a great deal of consideration, and invite a great deal more. My favorite bullet point is the last one: “Inaudible Noise.” Abstracts are due December 16th.

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