Every couple of weeks now, whether or not I intend to, I start diving into web links related to experimental music. One place takes me to another, and before I know it two things have happened: the clock has mysteriously advanced, and I’ve landed on some page that is so essential and so fascinating that I wonder how I could have lasted so long without knowing about it. It happened again this morning: iSAW.

Now I’m suddenly making plans to go to Miami for the subtropics festival, playing with Jason Freeman and Mark Godfrey’s Sound Microscope, and sharing this most entertaining “example of resonance in physical structures” with my friends:

I am in awe of the utility and intelligence of the iSAW’s operations. The question that is featured in their Institutional Mission Statement is compelling:

How can we strengthen our aural sense within a visually dominant culture and what is gained by such a shift towards an aural perception of the world? 

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