I’ve added a calendar and map of upcoming experimental music-related events to the worldwide section. Of course it is incomplete. Please contact me if you are involved with or know about other events that should be on the calendar. It would be great to have the name of the event, the location, and an internet link, but just send along whatever you know and I’ll figure out the rest.

I’ll make a similar request for the links. Since this section is more or less permanent, I’ll need to consider each suggestion carefully, but I am most grateful for all input.

Ultimately, I want this site to be a meeting space for people who are, to paraphrase my own subheader, engaged with experimental music. I’m thinking about how that can be facilitated, and again welcome your thoughts. It’s an unusual field, and we are widely dispersed. It’s time to declare war on the sense of isolation that can set in when trying to do something that is too new to be readily understood. Stare into the abyss for a moment if you like. Now get back over here. Something drew you to that which is radical in sound. The same thing happened to more other people than you can imagine. That makes it no less radical, but a hell of a lot more fun. We all have different fascinations, but I think we share a basic willingness to fail, reconsider, and try again, until maybe we hit on something that expands our sense of the potential of sound in our experience. We don’t get there by playing it safe.

John Cage wrote that “an experimental action is one the outcome of which is not foreseen.” If you’re acting experimentally, chances are you have a quirky relationship to the future. I know I do. We have a lot to talk about.

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