BBC Hear and Now’s radio broadcast of the Cut & Splice festival featuring the Wandelweiser collective and Grúpat is in two parts. The first will be available through UK midnight tomorrow, and the second will be broadcast tomorrow at 22:30 (again UK time) and available for the following week. I’ve spent some quality time with the first broadcast and plan to keep listening to it, and I’m looking forward to hearing to the second installment, most likely on the plane ride over to the UK on Sunday evening.

Here are several in-depth reviews from Richard Pinnell at The Watchful Ear, with another by him to follow at The Wire. Another review is at Culture Wars, but before reading it, you might want to have some background provided in the final paragraph of Jennifer Walshe’s bio.

Before including a couple of images from the Cut & Splice facebook page, the first of the Wandelweiser collective’s performance and the second of the Grúpat exhibit, I’ll just point out an article by Tom Johnson that discusses, among other composers, the Wandelweiser collective. It was published a couple of years ago, but I had never seen it before last week and it makes some valuable points.

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