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1) The next resource guide was put together on the occasion of the release of a new David Tudor box set.

2) BW Diederich has posted well written and thoughtful review of Toshiya Tsunoda’s “The Temple Recording,” and a lot of other very interesting reviews too.

3) Jesse Goin has a number of reviews and other material on his blog, crow with no mouth, that’s well worth visiting, and highly relevant to this one. I’ll be adding it to the links along with the previous one.

4) James Weeks’ new CD, Tide, played by Apartment House and released by Métier, looks very promising.


5) I’m backing a Kickstarter project called Cage’s Grandchildren, and I hope you’ll consider it too. There are too many great people involved to list here–you’d better take a look at the link. The resulting double CD will be made in collaboration with Edition Wandelweiser Records.

6) Hat Hut Records has released a statement asking for funding to help keep the label going. I came upon this letter some months after it was released, but I assume it’s still relevant. I know I’m very grateful for their work, and I want to do what I can to help them continue.


7) a big list of music notation fonts

recent events and reviews:

8) The writeup for a workshop by Bill Dietz and Gavin Steingo DISSENSUS AND THE WORK OF LISTENING includes a brief description of a book in progress: “Music and the Other Scene.”

9) an article on Gene Coleman’s work at MaerzMusik

10) documentation of the Harvard conference, “New Perspectives on New Music

upcoming events:

(in addition to those referenced on the events list, which really could use an update, or better yet a new version as we enter summer)

May 25
ErstAEU Showcase

New York

May 25-June 2
SALT NewMusic Festival and Symposium

May 26
“Wandelweiser und so weiter NYC” III: Joe Panzner & Greg Stuart

Fonema Consort at Constellation

June 6
Kent, UK
Symposium: Sound of Memory

June 8-17
Victoria and Montreal
Wandelweiser + Bozzini: Immersion

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