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Sometimes an old solution is better than a newer one. A couple years ago, in another period of fairly regular posting, I started a little series items called “finds.” I got as far as 4. More recently, I started a different series called “you just missed it.” I’ve found that that title led to a recurrent sense of disappointment and missed opportunity, at least for me, and I don’t think there’s a need for more of that sort of thing, so I’m retiring it.

There was also an actual missed opportunity, since it made it implausible to include items about events that in fact had occurred some time ago. A find can be anything. And it will be. I’ll be unearthing some material from old drafts, as well as new discoveries, connecting items where there are connections, writing something when I have something to say, but otherwise just pointing in their direction.

general news:
a new paid distribution method through Vimeo, called Vimeo Creator Services

upcoming events:

I’ve updated the current events post to include these additions:

March 1-17
I’ll be heading down on Sunday for the final day of the subtropics festival in Miami.

March 15
Wandelweiser und so weiter NYC

March 16
NbN Trio performs as part of the Outer Ear festival

March 20-24
Tim Rutherford-Johnson (aka The Rambler)’s radio preview of the London Ear Festival, with Gwyn Pritchard, Andrea Cavallari and Jenni Hogan

March 21
New York
Séverine Ballon plays at The Tank in New York

Phill Niblock book launch at MIT

April 13-15
Cambridge, MA
a mini-conference and concert at Harvard: “New Perspectives for New Music from Germany” and a related radio broadcast in German
facebook listing

April 28
Fonema Consort at New England Conservatory

April 30, May 1
New York


added to March radio broadcasts:

March 18-22 (every day)
Noise: A Human History
more info here


Montréal Contemporary Music Lab

thingamajigs has issued a call for proposals. They define their mission “promote the creation of genre-crossing works which incorporate made/found instruments and alternate tuning systems.”

Harvard Summer Composition Institute 2014 (November deadline)

Mivos/Kanter String Quartet Composition Prize 2013

newly available:

James Tenney unpublished scores now available

EMC blog

James Saunders’ what you must do on the radio

Phill Niblock’s Working Title, described here

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