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1) A new experimental music series in Chicago called aperiodic that starts off this Sunday with a concert of works by Antoine Beuger, John Lely, Kunsu Shim, Laura Steenberge, and John Cage.

2) I would love to see these fibers come onto the market, and I wonder what musicians might do with it.

3) Documentation of a day-long event in Chile centered on the works of Antoine Beuger and Michael Pisaro.

4) A thought-provoking article by Taku Sugimoto that relates to experimental music and improvisation called Two Worlds.

5) The first two releases on Michael Pisaro’s new CD label, Gravity Wave: ricefall (2) and July Mountain. Erstdist is the distributor.

6) MusikFabrik’s new blog, which includes a fascinating post by Marco Blaauw on his development of the quarter-tone, double bell trumpet.

7) I’ve never seen anything like this documentation of the Week 1 of Samstagsdemos neuer Musik. And there are four more Saturday events yet to come.

8) another timbre has released a series of CDs called silence and after 1.

All the cd’s in this series can be seen as part of that horizon of possibilities that Cage’s work opened up. But ‘Silence and after’ could also refer to what has been called the ‘turn to silence’ within improvised music that occurred almost simultaneously in several cities round the world about 12 years ago. All the improvised discs in this series take their place in the wake of that quiet revolution, though it is open to question how much of the music on the cd’s is ‘improvised’ in a strict sense. The music may not be notated, but much of it was carefully prepared, or semi-structured, or re-worked after the event. Similarly all of the nominally composed works in the series involve varying degrees of interpretation / improvisation by the performers.

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