finds (14): sales

1) Wandelweiser late summer sale: September 22-October 3
€50 euros for 10 CDs (double and triple CDs count as one CD), including international shipping. (That’s about $56 total with today’s US exchange rate.)

This is a great opportunity to try out a range of titles. Be sure to check your order against the list of sold-out CDs at the link. Here is the complete catalogue.

2) Bloomsbury Academic is running a 30% off sale through Friday on all of the titles I recommended recently, as well as my book and many earlier publications. Here are a few titles:

After Sound: Toward a Critical Music
Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music
Experimentations: John Cage in Music, Art, and Architecture
Into the Maelstrom: Music, Improvisation and the Dream of Freedom
The Process that is the World: Cage/Deleuze/Events/Performance
Sinister Resonance: The Mediumship of the Listener
Word Events: Perspectives on Verbal Notation

Shipping within the US is $3.50 for the first item, $1 for additional items.

Feel free to chime in with your own recommendations.

3) Huddersfield Contemporary Records is having a 20% off sale through Friday. Just add the promo code HCR20 at checkout. There are many great titles here, one of which was the subject of a series of interviews here on sound expanse.

4) The price of the major 3-CD Julius Eastman release, Unjust Malaise, has dropped significantly in the past few days. It may not be a coincidence that price drop coincides with the great success of Femenine, released by Frozen Reeds.

5) Changing the System: The Music of Christian Wolff, edited by Stephen Chase and Philip Thomas, is now in paperback at a much reduced price – and an extra 20% off. It’s a very useful book and I’ve wanted to buy it many times over, but opted for library consultations instead. This is a great time to get it.



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