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1) A radio segment about a fascinating project from Tarek Atoui called The Reverse Collection, still on display in London with two remaining concerts on September 16th and 23rd. Any attempt to summarize it on my part won’t do it justice, but I’ll just say that if you have any interest in instrument building it’s well worth your time. I was fortunate to have the chance to see one of the concerts when I was in London in July.

2) This review by Lucas Schleichler of Versatile Ambience, Jeph Jerman and Tim Barnes’ new release, makes me want to dive into the whole thing.

3) Alex Jang’s “any three players” is a beautiful piece.

4) The newly released book, Music and/as Process, co-edited by Lauren Redhead and Vanessa Hawes, looks extremely promising. The table of contents and introduction are available in the preview, and the introduction is very helpful in setting forth the aims of the project.

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