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There is so much going on these days! I’m bringing back this little series called “finds” in a futile effort to keep up. Feel free to bring other items to my attention.

1) Sound American’s 16th issue is The Anthony Braxton Issue. It is an overwhelmingly rich invitation to Braxton’s overwhelmingly rich body of work. Every item in the issue is generous, inviting, and deeply informative. The Complete Language Solos are also available for a modest purchase price that supports both the Tri-Centric Foundation and Sound American.

2) Present Tense Pamphlets is a series that includes, in the words of its editors:

Scores for live, imagined, or impossible music
Notations for lecture-performances or pedagogical scripts
Diagrams for dance, movement, and stillness-based works
Abandoned concepts or realized abstracts
Seeds of narratives and novels rendered as graphs
Computational scripts for executables, viruses, or humans

A Few Silences, Question Animals, Exegetical Reading Machine was the first one to catch my interest, though I’m sure not the last.

3) There are several other books that Bloomsbury has released recently that are relevant in various ways to experimental music. I hope to read and respond to each of them over time, but for the moment I will list them below.

G Douglas Barrett: After Sound: Toward a Critical Music

Kevin Dunn: Global Punk

Branden Wayne Joseph: Experimentations: John Cage in Music, Art, and Architecture

Joe Panzner: The Process that is the World: Cage/Deleuze/Events/Performance

David Toop: Into the Maelstrom: Music, Improvisation and the Dream of Freedom

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