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1) Philip Thomas has started a wonderful blog at his site called For Pianist: Reflections on interpretation and performance.

articles now up:

Feldman and his search for a notation.
Playing Tim Parkinson’s music
Vessels and the sensuality of touch

2) Tim Rutherford-Johnson has written a really insightful review of the new Laurence Crane CD release, which I also completely love. More information on the CD, including two other deeply considered pieces of writing about it by Michael Pisaro and Jesse Goin and links to several YouTube extracts, is at its Another Timbre page. And there is a substantial interview with Crane here. My suggestion: buy the CD set now and read all the other material as you wait for it to arrive. International shipping is quite reasonable from AT, and there are lots of other great releases you might want to include as well. (More on some of those later, I hope.)

3) Pianist: Pieces is a new CD set of Christian Wolff’s solo piano music, recorded by Philip Thomas.

4) Erstwhile Records has a sale running through July 31st:

to celebrate Erstwhile’s 15 year anniversary, all single disc Erst titles are on sale for $10 apiece with purchase of one or both of the new double CDs. this offer is good through July 31

The two double CDs are Jürg Frey/Radu Malfatti-II and Kevin Drumm/Jason Lescalleet-The Abyss


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