February 2012 radio broadcasts

More technical details for access are on the radio page, as well as a form that you can use to suggest any other broadcasts.

February 4th

10 Jahre Trio elole
Charlotte Seither, Michael Maierhof, Friedemann Schmidt-Mechauelole
22:05 GMT+1

February 6th

Mark Andre
23:03 GMT+1

February 8th

Chaya Czernowin Portrait
21:00 GMT+1

February 11th

Hans-Joachim Hespos
22:05 GMT+1

February 15th

Clara Maïda, Gordon Kampe
23:03 GMT+1

February 17th

Bob Ostertag
23:05 GMT+1

February 22nd

Mark Andre, Luigi Nono
21:04 GMT+1

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