A number of days have gone by since my last post, and I’ve been hoping to write something substantial. But as it happens, some much-needed work has been keeping me very busy. If you’d like to read something like, say, an interview with a young and fascinating composer, complete with a score and sound excerpt, you could do no better than the inaugural post of Tim Rutherford-Johnson’s 10 for ’10 series on The Rambler. Included in that post is an interview with Evan Johnson, a complete score, and a sound excerpt from Apostrophe 2 (pressing down on my sternum), that will be performed by ELISION on February 8th at King’s Place in London. Oh, and if you can make it to that concert, do. (See my earlier post for background or the rambler’s recent plug for the relevant info.)

ELISION‘s November 20th performance of Richard Barrett’s Opening of the Mouth is currently available on BBC’s Hear and Now. It’s the final broadcast of Huddersfield 2009, available through Saturday. Scroll directly to the 16:30 mark to start listening to the material about the piece. Following an interview with Barrett, the performance starts at 19:54.

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