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A couple of weeks ago, I went to a number of events at Beyond Notation: An Earle Brown Symposium. A new online inventory of the Earle Brown archive was released by the Earle Brown Foundation to coincide with the symposium. Several responses to the conference are now online, Cross-Sections and Scholarly Fields, Robert Kirzinger’s field notes in NewMusicBox, Earle Brown in Shifting Perspectives, by Kyle Gann, and a post on Musically Miscellaneous Mayhem.

Several other conferences and workshops are coming up this year. A couple of the application deadlines are coming up or just gone by, but I’m still going to list them. As always, feel free to let me know of others in the comments, by twitter, or by email.


Extended Durations

Music and/as Process


Time Stands Still: Notation in Musical Practice

Workshops/Calls for Scores

Bozzini Quartet: Composer’s Kitchen I – Atelier à Vancouver 2013

June in Buffalo
June in Buffalo Performance Institute

loadbang call for scores

Montréal Contemporary Music Lab (MCML)

Q2 Music Open Call (Off the Grid)

Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice (SICPP)

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