Cage’s Grandchildren

This Kickstarter project, Cage’s Grandchildren, is exciting and well conceived. It just needs another good nudge or two over the next week to be fully funded. As of yesterday, anyone pledging $50 or more will receive, in addition to the reward listed, a digital download of the recording. So as it now stands, backing the project at the $20 or higher level will give you access to the complete recording if the project succeeds. (If it doesn’t succeed, you’re not out of pocket at all, but there’s no reason to hope for that.)

Let’s make it succeed! Kickstarter, IndieGogo, and other services like them are opening up a whole new set of opportunities to make independent projects happen. But it only works if we step up and support one another as we can.

In case any disclosure is useful, I have no direct stake in this project. I know some of the people involved, but I simply want to see it succeed so I can get my hands on some fresh, good, well performed and recorded music.

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