Bozzini Quartet: Composer’s Kitchen

Tomorrow (November 24), the Bozzini Quartet will present the results of the 8th edition of Composer’s Kitchen, which has been termed “a combination workshop, laboratory, playground, and master class.” The first installment of this edition took place in Montreal, and was covered in Gramophone. This open letter from Cassandra Miller offers another valuable take on the initiative as a whole. It’s one of the most perfect opportunities I could imagine for early career composers, to work with such a wonderful quartet, that is so generous and attentive in their interactions.

An article about the project is on the hcmf website, and the interviews and videos below give a lot of insight into the project.

Christopher Fox

Malcolm Goldstein

Isaiah Ceccarelli

Beavan Flanagan

John Lely

Scott McLaughlin

Pierre Michaud

Thierry Tidrow

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