6.1 Mappings

Tracing lines through space (227-231)

Emeka Ogboh:
Lagos by Bus III


Lagos by Bus IV

Chris Watson: El Tren Fantasma

Pierre Schaeffer: Étude aux chemins de fer

David Dunn: Skydrift

Stephen Chase: out-of-doors suite

Michael Parsons: Echo Piece at Muddusjarvi

Annea Lockwood: A Sound Map of the Danube

Borders (231-233)

Richard Lerman: Border Fences

Stephen Cornford: Attempts to shatter steel with sound

Jon Rose and Hollis Taylor: Post Impressions: A Travel Book for Tragic Intellectuals

The Reach of Resonance

Acoustic ecology and related practices (233-235)

R. Murray Schafer

Max Neuhaus: sirens project

Soundwalks (235-238)

Hildegard Westerkamp:
A Soundwalk in Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver

A Walk Through the City

Michael Parsons:
YouTube YouTube

Echo Piece

Alvin Lucier: Vespers
Spotify YouTube play

Walking from Scores

Francesco Gagliardi: Alternative Piece

Craig Shepard:
On Foot

On Foot: Brooklyn

Multiple journeys along the same route, compounded routes (238-239)

Yolande Harris: Displaced Sound Walks

Viv Corringham:



David Helbich: Kortrijk Tracks

Listening points in the city (239-240)

Akio Suzuki: oto-date

Neuhaus: LISTEN

Helbich: City Tracks series

Collective sound mapping (240-241)

Vancouver Soundscape Project

James Saunders: location composites


Watson: Inside the Circle of Fire

Jason Kahn: Unheard Cities

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