5.2 The sounds of living beings

Human sound production (164-166)

Gerhard Stäbler:


Ami Yoshida: Tiger Thrush

Stäbler: … drüber

Joan La Barbara:
Voice Is the Original Instrument

Animal sounds and communication (166)

Les Oiseaux qui chantent dans ma tête

Pamela Z: Syrinx

Chris Mercer: Birdsong Gloves

Dialogues (167-168)

Emmanuel Holterbach: Sérénade pour Nestor Kéa

Ric Cupples and David Dunn: Mimus Polyglottos

Dunn: Oracles

Mercer: The Audible Phylogeny of Lemurs

Animal spaces (168-169)

Patrick Farmer: gwenynen fel | y drenewydd

Miya Masaoka:
Bee Project #1

Bee Project #5


Yannick Dauby: La rivière penchée

Habitats, ecologies, biophonies (169-172)

Chris Watson:
Outside the Circle of Fire

Weather Report


Bernie Krause
TED talk

David Dunn: Chaos and the Emergent Mind of the Pond

Jana Winderen: The Noisiest Guys on the Planet

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