2.5 Finding hidden sounds

Richard Lerman

David Dunn:
Micro-Listening Workshops

The Sound of Light in Trees

John Grzinich: Two Films

Peter Cusack:
Sounds From Dangerous Places

Baikal Ice: Spring 2002

Jana Winderen: Evaporation

Marc Namblard: Chants of Frozen Lakes

Lee Patterson:

Seven Vignettes

Emmanuel Holterbach:
Mouvements dans une Aura Ionique

Do-Undo (in G Maze)

Haco: Stereo Bugscope 00

Toshiya Tsunoda and Haco: TramVibration
video 1 / 2

Christina Kubisch:

Five Electrical Walks

Homage with Minimal Disinformation

Michael Prime: One Hour as a Plant

Miya Masaoka: Pieces for Plants

John Bullitt: Earth Sound

Annea Lockwood and Bob Bielecki: Wild Energy

Pauline Oliveros and Alvin Lucier: Whistlers

Lucier: Sferics

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