1.3 Silence

Sound that has to be found (21-22)

Suzuki: Pyramid

Thresholds of perception (22-25)

Sam Ashley: Listening for Bats

Burkhard Schlothauer: ab tasten

Bruno Duplant: a field, next to nothing

Tenney: KOAN for string quartet

Jakob Ullmann, Voice, Books and FIRE 3

Jakob Ullmann, A Catalogue of Sounds

Bernhard Günther: un peu de neige salie

Little to no input (26-28)

Steve Peters: Filtered Light

107 Agostino Di Scipio: hörbare ökosysteme

Toshimaru Nakamura: Side Guitar

David Dunn: Purposeful Listening In Complex States of Time

G. Douglas Barrett: A Few Silence

Performative tensions of silence (28-29)

Countless qualities of silence (29-34)

Taku Sugimoto: STAY IV
CD (purchase)

The New Silence
YouTube Vimeo
James Saunders:
the range of outside factors influencing it, as well as its own radius of action

Antoine Beuger:
dialogues (silence)
Silent Harmonies in Discrete Continuity (Fifth Music for Marcia Hafif), series I

Eva-Maria Houben:
still werden (becoming silent)

Taylan Susam: for maaike schoorel (disc 4: EDDIES)

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