1.2 Indeterminacy

Release of control (9-10)
John Cage: Number Pieces
mode: 1 2 3 4 5 6
AT: Four4

Two (1987)

Music For (1984-87)

Christian Wolff

Stefan Thut: many, 1-4
wwusw: Eddies

Machine behaviors (10-12)

Maria Chavez
Of Technique
Of Technique

Christian Marclay: Recycled Records

Yasunao Tone

Imitating nature (12-14)

David Tudor: Untitled (1972)

David Dunn
Pleroma 1
CD track

Theater of Pattern Formations
Three Dynamical Systems

Yan Jun
Feedback Improvisation
Noise Hypnotizing (Micro Feedback)

Scott Cazan
Network Injection

Adam Basanta
A Room Listening to Itself

Prescribed actions, varied consequences (14-16)

Matt Sargent and Bill Solomon: a river is many single things going to almost the same place at almost the same time
Ami Yoshida and Minoru Sato,
COMPOSITION For Voice Performer
Kenneth Gaburo: The Flow of (u)

Kenn Kumpf: Transformations

Scott McLaughlin: A Metastable Harmony

Non-selectiveness (16-18)

Pisaro: harmony series (see more complete listing in resource guide)
17, “Only”: Vimeo SoundCloud SoundCloud play
documentation, score and site
19, “The Rain of Alphabets”: YouTube play

Letting the outside in (18-21)

Keith Rowe

Tim Parkinson (resource guide)

double quartet
SoundCloud play

Time With People (score)
Vimeo Vimeo

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